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Amita ka Amit

An extraordinary love story of two very ordinary people, Amita Ka Amit chronicles the adventures of two regular people as 226 total views, 2 views today

Lapataganj – Ek Baar Phir

Satire is an important and inherent part of Indian humour. Lapataganj season 1 was a successful attempt at capturing this 124 total views, no views today

Jeannie Aur Juju

Jeenie Aur Juju is based on the romantic & fantasy filled adventures of Jeannie and Captain Vicky Arora who is 163 total views, 2 views today

Hum Apke Hai In Laws

Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes a lesson which you don’t want to learn. But life and your in-laws will 176 total views, 2 views today

Gutur Gu 2

A story woven around a sweet and innocent family, and their humorous interaction with the outside world as well as 144 total views, 2 views today


129 total views, 2 views today

Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman

Chintu Ban Gaya Gentleman is a fun show which captures the eventful life of our hero. He is a lively 144 total views, 2 views today


In a magical land called Pari Lok (Fairy Land) fairies reside. Each fairy embodies the name that she is given, 150 total views, 2 views today

Tota Weds Maina

In an eccentric house called Tiwari Sadan lives one colorful family. Tota Tiwari is the youngest of them all. On 164 total views, 2 views today

Hongey Judaa Na Hum

Hongey Judaa Na Hum is the tempestuous love story of a young married couple, rediscovering love after meeting with a 225 total views, no views today