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Saunp de tu hasti

The age old proverb ‘Do your best & let God do the rest’, in his own unique, iconic style 249 total views, 2 views today

Milte hain yahaan moti

Sidhu’s memorable lines on experience and hardwork 203 total views, no views today

Khil chuke hain phool

Sidhu’s memorable words on the opening of the IPL 160 total views, no views today

Loha tapta hai

Sidhu’s unforgettable words on how the life and cricumstances toughen people & bring out the best in them 185 total views, 2 views today

Chandan ka tukda

Sidhu praises Luke Wrights style of cricketing in his poetic way 164 total views, no views today

Doosron ki baaton ka

Sidhu’s insightful lines on those who get affected by what others have to say about them 280 total views, 2 views today