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Khane Bhi Do Yaaro – Episode 3 – Chef Pranav Joshi

‘Khaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ is unlike any other current food show on television in this genre. Conceptualized as a food fiction show, it is based on characters and stories with food playing the lead role. Chef Pranav Joshi, will showcase exciting recipes, in a fresh and contemporary format that will definitely resonate with audiences.

The plot of the show revolves around Chef Pranav who, as the protagonist, is the amicable guy-next-door with a close-knit group of friends. The group is a heady cocktail of distinct personalities that will entertain the audience with their quirky lives and eccentricities. And the love of food is what binds the group together! With every episode, viewers will get to watch situations that anyone will identify with – from movie night plans to unwanted guests at the doorstep, Pranav and his gang will remind you of your own life.

Chef Pranav’s house is the quintessential ‘Adda’, a hangout zone for his friends, and the go-to place for discussing everything under the sun. Whether its soap operas or politics, brewing love stories or commitment phobia, Pranav’s home is the ultimate place to chat, debate and gossip. And what’s a good meeting with friends without some delicious and – sometimes, comfort food – for accompaniment? Chef Pranav will showcase two lip-smacking recipes in every episode, seamlessly weaving them into every situation that arises in the lives of this group of friends.

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