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Aan – Trailer

Jai Tilak belongs to a Rajput clan loyal to the kind and the king. However the Maharaja’s wicked son Shamsher Singh usurps the throne by killing the king. Jai meanwhile clashes with the haughty princess Rajshree, sister of Shamsher Singh as he tames her wild stallion. Falling in love with her, he resolves to tame her as well. Mangala, a fellow clanswoman too loves Jai. Shamsher kidnaps her and tries to rape her causing her to fall to her death. In retaliation Jai kidnaps Rajshree. Eventually Rajshree is tamed and falls in love with Jai. It also turns out that the king is alive after all. Jai, a now reformed Rajshree and the loyal clansmen help defeat Shamsher and restore the king to the throne.

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