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Soldier Story

He also reveals that he was sent by DK to kill Jaswant, Virender, and Pratap, and that they should leave for India to kill DK to make Pratap the undisputed crime king. Meanwhile Preeti overhears Vicky’s conversation with her father and reveals it to Shanti. Shanti calmly acknowledges that she knows Vicky is not her son and that she helped him kill her husband, whose weapons had helped kill her own son, unbeknownst to him. She reveals that Vicky is Vijay Malhotra’s son, Raju and that it was Vijay Malhotra who was convicted of arms smuggling based on testimonies from Jaswant, Pratap, and Virender. His dead body was stripped of all medals and his wife, Geeta (Raakhee) and son were ostracised by his community. The community even prevented his body from being cremated and leave it in a raging desert storm, where it is lost in the sands. Preeti, upon hearing this story, agrees to assist Raju/Vicky. Raju then calls ACP Dinesh Kapoor and reveals his plan of bringing Pratap to India and his knowledge of DK’s true identity. The ACP then sets Jaswant, who is revealed to be alive and have been helping provide Raju the information to finish off Virender’s gang, free. Raju arrives in India with Pratap and takes him to his village where his mother sits desolately in a temple at the village outskirts. He reveals to Pratap who he really is and proceeds to beat him. DK comes to rescue Pratap, and he is revealed to be none other than Jaswant. Soon Jaswant/DK’s men arrive and in the raging battle, Raju kills the men and maims Pratap and DK, makes them confess the truth, and then leaves them for the vultures to feed upon. His name cleared, Vijay Malhotra is given an honourable military burial, and his son and widowed wife watch.

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