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Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Story

Yong is slashed in half by the Axeman, whom Alice and Claire then face. Alice is knocked out; Claire defends Alice and just before it can kill her, Alice awakes and shoots a hole in its head. The two meet up with Chris at the end of the sewers, but lose Luther to a zombie that drags him back into the tunnels. Alice and the Redfields board the Arcadia, discovering it functional but abandoned. Claire then remembers that Arcadia is an Umbrella trap to get test subjects; they release the survivors, among them K-Mart (Spencer Locke). Alice follows a trail of blood from an empty holding cell deeper into the ship, where she finds Wesker. The T-virus revived him, but it battles Wesker for control, something he believes fresh human DNA can pacify; the Umbrella staff fled when he began eating test subjects. Alice’s DNA is superior to his, since she retained control despite bonding with the virus at a cellular level; he believes eating her will give him back control. The Redfields fight Wesker while Alice battles Bennett, who now works for Wesker. Wesker easily overpowers Chris and Claire, but Alice is able to defeat both Bennett and Wesker with help from K-Mart. They lock Bennett in the room with Wesker’s corpse; Bennett is devoured by Wesker when he revives. Wesker then escapes in an aircraft, activating a bomb on the Arcadia; the plane explodes instead as Alice placed the bomb there beforehand. Unbeknownst to them, Wesker parachutes away from the explosion, while Luther emerges from the sewers, battered but alive. Alice resolves to turn Arcadia into a real haven and broadcasts a new message for any other survivors. As Alice, Clarie and Chris watch over from Arcadia, it is approached by a military squadron of Umbrella aircraft.

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