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Dum Story

Uday and Mohan come from poor middle-class families. Against their families wishes, the boys are hell bent on joining the police force. The duo aim to make it big solely on the basis of their abilities. Despite lack of any recommendations or leverages to make it to the police academy, lady luck smiles on them in the form of Raj Dutt Sharma, their training officer. The duo too return his favour by realizing their dreams and making him proud. They soon become popular as no nonsense upright cops. One day, however, Kaveri, who happens to be Uday’s girlfriend, nearly gets molested by Inspector Shankar aka Encounter Shankar. Uday thwarts Shankar’s attempts and beats him badly. Shankar swears vengeance on him and leaves. On learning this, Sharma tells that Shankar is an egotic, corrupt cop who uses his powers for all the wrong kinds of motives. He reveals that on orders of Minister Deshmukh, a goon named Babu Kasai killed his rival. Sharma’s wife Lakshmi was one of the many witnesses who saw the murder, but only she came forward to testify. Shankar, who was also on Deshmukh’s payroll, barged in Sharma’s household and killed Sharma’s daughter in front of Lakshmi. After sending Lakshmi into shock, Shankar was promoted over Sharma, the latter was demoted and given the job of selecting officers for training. This was one of the reasons why Sharma selected the duo. Uday now decides that he will not stop until Shankar’s menace ends once and for all. Here, Shankar already goes into offensive by killing Mohan. After cornering Uday, Shankar thinks that he is safe. But Uday retaliates by attacking Shankar. He kills Babu with Shankar’s gun stolen by him, making everybody believe that Shankar gunned the criminal. In retaliation, Shankar kills Deshmukh and frames Uday for it. Now, it is revealed that Babu’s death was faked and that he is actually in captivity of Uday. Unaware of this, Shankar manages to launch a massive manhunt against Uday. On learning that Babu is still alive, Shankar springs into action to track down Babu, Uday and Lakshmi. He traces the trio and a shootout occurs. Babu gets fatally injured during the fracas. Taking advantage of the situation, Shankar tries to corner and kill Uday. Meanwhile, Babu, who is on his deathbed, confesses all his crimes to Kaveri, who videotapes it. The Commissioner himself turns up at the crime scene, where Kaveri shows the dying confession to him. With Shankar’s real face exposed, the Commissioner orders both Uday and Shankar to surrender. Shankar tries to run away, but Uday tracks him down and kills him, thus avenging all the wrongs Shankar caused. Uday surrenders, after which he is duly tried at the court. Based on the evidence, he is exonerated, after which he is cheerfully greeted by the people in the end.

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