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AVP Alien vs Predator Story

In 2004, a satellite detects a mysterious heat bloom beneath Bouvetøya, an island about one thousand miles off the coast of Antarctica. Wealthy industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) discovers through thermal imaging that there is a pyramid buried 2000ft beneath the ice. Weyland wants to claim it for his multinational communications company, Weyland Industries and assembles a team of experts to go investigate. The team includes archaeologists, linguistic experts, drillers, mercenaries, and a guide named Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan). As a Predator ship reaches Earth’s orbit, it blasts a shaft through the ice towards the source of the heat bloom. When the team arrives at the abandoned whaling station above the heat source, they find the shaft and descend beneath the ice. They locate the mysterious pyramid and begin to explore it, finding evidence of a pre-historic civilization and what appears to be a sacrificial chamber filled with human skeletons with ruptured rib cages. Meanwhile, three Predators, Scar, Celtic and Chopper, land and kill the humans on the surface. They make their way down to the pyramid and arrive just as the team unwittingly activates the structure. An Alien queen awakes from cryogenic stasis and begins to produce eggs. When the eggs hatch, several facehuggers attach themselves to humans trapped in the sacrificial chamber. Chestbursters emerge from the humans and quickly grow into adult Aliens. Conflicts erupt between the Predators, Aliens, and humans, resulting in several deaths. The two Predators are killed by a lone Alien, and Weyland is killed by the remaining Predator, Scar, while allowing Alexa and Sebastian enough time to flee. The two witness Scar killing a facehugger and an Alien before unmasking and marking himself. After Alexa and Sebastian leave, another facehugger attaches itself to the unmasked Predator. Through translation of the pyramid’s hieroglyphs, Alexa and Sebastian learn that the Predators have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. It was they who taught early human civilizations how to build pyramids, and were worshiped as gods. Every 100 years they

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