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Decoys Story

A jock sneaks into his supposed girlfriend’s house with flowers for her. It is cold inside and when he approaches his girlfriend’s room he finds a dead man with his mouth wide open. He then spots two more corpses. Elsewhere, Luke and Roger, two college freshmen and virgins, are desperate to get laid. While doing their laundry, they meet two girls named Lily and Constance. When Lily accidentally leaves a roll of quarters in the laundry, Luke goes to return them to her. He finds her room is unlocked and he decides to sneak in. But when the girls suddenly return, he decides to hide in the closet. Luke watches as the girls open the windows and let the cold winter air surround them. He then watches in horror as tentacles unfold from their chests and sexually arouse them. The police have found a body, frozen from the inside out and his mouth wide open. The forensic scientists assume a “keg drinking tube” was shoved down his throat, not realizing it was actually Lily, who shoved an alien tentacle down his throat. Luke, with his girlfriend Alex, decide to try to find out what these aliens are and if needed, exterminate them. The aliens have come to Earth to impregnate men, as their race is dying out. To save their people, the aliens persuade men to come with them, promising sex. However, the “mating” process involves sticking their tentacles down the male’s throat. Most men die because they cannot survive the cold temperature. Roger allows Constance to “mate” with him after she explains everything as she has fallen in love with him when she wasn’t supposed to. She explains that they’re merely trying to survive and that they don’t want anyone to die. He agrees to allow her to impregnate him, giving her race a chance to survive. Luke comes in just in time to see a baby alien crawl out of Roger’s mouth. Roger dies soon after

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