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The Terrorist Next Door Story

A dramatization inspired by the real-life events surrounding the recruitment and capture of Ahmed Ressam – aka the “Millennium Bomber”. Ressam was convicted of smuggling a bomb into the United States as part of an Al Qaeda plot to blow up Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve, 1999. – Written by Anonymous Gentle Ahmed Ressam’s father, a veteran of the Algerian Independence war against France, sent the A-student to that country to study engineering. Turned away, he migrates to Canada and cheerfully takes a menial barman job in Montréal. But steadily turned down by white girls and refused at the university, embittered Ahmed becomes susceptible to urgings from benefactor Mashid to study the Coran and aid his ‘Muslim Relief Fund’, a cover for Al-Qaeda. Paul Pelletier from the Canadian secret service knows Mashid’s converted white wife and helps disable him as cell leader. Ahmed takes charge from Vancouver of the plan to strike terror in the US by planting a bomb he makes in LAX airport. Even a shot at love can’t convert him anymore, but – Written by KGF Vissers

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