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Django Story

Django is a drifter who drags a closed coffin around with him. He rescues a young woman, María, who is about to be murdered by bandits led by Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo), the man whom Django is seeking and wants to kill in revenge for him killing his wife. After killing most of Jackson’s men, Django makes a deal with a Mexican bandit general, Hugo Rodriguez, who is in conflict with Jackson, and the two steal a large quantity of gold from a Mexican Army fort (where Jackson is doing business with a government general). When Rodriguez refuses to give Django his share of the haul, Django and Maria steal the gold. Unfortunately, the gold falls into quicksand. When Rodriguez catches up to them, María is shot (though she survives) and Django’s hands are crushed by Rodriguez’s men as punishment for being a thief. When the bandits return to Mexico, Rodríguez and his men are massacred by Jackson and the Mexican Army. After killing Nathaniel, Jackson goes looking for Django in a cemetery. However, Django, who has bitten off the trigger-guard of his pistol, kills Jackson and his five surviving men by pressing the trigger of his gun against the cross of the grave of a female acquaintance of Django’s whom Jackson had killed and repeatedly dropping the hammer.

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