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Warlock III The End of Innocence Story

The story tells of a young girl called Kris who has no knowledge of her family, so when a historian tells her she has inherited a family house, she goes to see it. Also met is her boyfriend Micheal, who desperate not to follow his dream like his father, Scott and Lisa, who are sadomasochistic, Jerry, who is a stoner, and her best friend Robin, who is a witch. Kris is haunted by visions and dreams of her past life and of a doll from her past life, it is learned that a warlock, Phillip Covington, wanted her as a sacrifice until her mother used her own magic to trap him in the Catacombs of his home. Kris’s night in the house is full of strange events; she looks in the mirror and feels the urge to show her breasts and when she turns her reflection screams at her, only to go back to normal when she looks. She also sees an apparition of a child and sensibly decides to leave and be joined by her friends. Jerry attempts to fix the pipes, and accidentally breaks them, releasing Covington, who escapes in the form of some kind of fluid, which Jerry attributes to being high. Kris meets the historian the next day as well as Covington, posing as an architect. Covington kills the historian, strangling him using magic and then tearing his throat out with his bare hands. He takes the letters from Kris’s mother and blows on them, setting them alight. Covington then plays psychological games with Kris and her friends, the only exception being Robin, so he gets Jerry to steal her talisman and a lock of her hair. Robin attempts to fight Covington with magic, but being the more experienced, he wins, turning Robin into a glass statue and then shattering her. Later, Covington needs Kris’s friends for permission, so he tortures them. Lisa and Scott get a sadomasochism treatment from hell, Jerry gets to see what Kris thinks of him with a slight twist, and Micheal is turned into his father. Covington captures Kris, and he reveals that he plans to exchange her soul with a consort from hell to mother a race of evil. This is because Kris is a “Child of the Caul” born on a blue moon, the blood of a witch coursing through her. Kris escapes and fights back Covington, who begins to take a more demonic appearance, holding the doll from her visions. She takes the sacrificial blade and stabs him, however, Covington is unaffected by the knife, saying: ‘you think you can defeat me with my own weapon?’ to which Kris replies: ‘no with mine’ and rips the doll from his hands and opens it, revealing a knife. She then stabs him in the heart, successfully killing him. Kris leaves with a book of magic, reading the tarot card on strength and walking into a new life.

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