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Vedalam Story

Ganesh(Ajith Kumar) and his sister Thamizh(Lakshmi Menon) come to settle down in Kolkata where she has enrolled for a course to hone her artistic skills. Ganesh is an extremely peace loving soft hearted person who makes even rowdies like Kolkata Kaali(Rajendran) like him in one instant. Kolkata is also the operating base of a high profile international criminal syndicate run by three brothers Rahul (Rahul Dev), Abhinay(Kabir Duhan Singh) and Aniket(Aniket Chauhan). Ganesh advised by his new house owner(Mayilswamy) starts working under Laxmidas(Soori) who owns a Taxi company. Cops in Kolkata ask Taxi and Auto drivers for help in nabbing criminal members of Rahul’s gang and prepare a suspect list. Ganesh identifies one of the suspects and informs the police about the where abouts of the criminals which leads to a large haul of illegal weapons, drugs, money and also arrest of many of lower level gang members belonging to Rahul. Frustrated Aniket finds Ganesh and brings him to his Yacht to be killed, but is instead killed by Ganesh who becomes extremely violent during the altercation. Simultaneously Ganesh gets acquainted with Swetha(Shruti Hassan) and Swetha’s brother Arjun(Ashwin) gets acquainted with Thamizh in two separate incidents and they are attracted to each other and Arjun gets his parents to meet and officially ask for Thamizhs hand in marriage. Abhinay who gets to know about his younger brothers death comes to Kolkata and tries to find the murderer using a highly sophisticated technical team who track the GPS of the mobile which were in the area. As the final trace emerges it is found that Ganesh has infiltrated the building where Abhinay had set up camp. Ganesh after a violent fight with the gangsters kills everyone in the building and receives Rahuls call and informs him about the murder while all this has been witnessed by Swetha. Swetha rushes to stop the engagement of his brother but is stopped by Ganesh who reveals his history of being Vedalam, a notorious history sheeter in Chennai who was shown affection by Thamizh and his parents even though he vacated them out of their own house for money. Thamizh gets entangled in a flesh trade kidnapping scandal under Abhinay and is rescued by Ganesh but also incurs injury impacting her memory. Her parents are also murdered during this incident. Ganesh brings her to Kolkata to take revenge and also to enroll her into the best arts college in the country which is present there. Rahul who coincidentally gets help from Thamizh to sketch out the suspect kidnaps her and thus ensues a final take down fight with Ganesh. Ganesh is able to hide his true violent self from Thamizh and also kill Rahul thus exacting his revenge and keeping his sister safe.

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