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Dil Sala Sanki story

What happens when your boss, who is the biggest gangster in town, falls head over heels for the love of your life? What will you do, when he won’t stop at anything, even if it means killing his wife, to marry your girl, and you’re the only thing in his way? REVIEW: Badal (Yogesh Kumar) is a violent kid who fulfills his childhood ambition to join the gang of dreaded hinterland Mafioso, Bachcha Babu (Jimmy Sheirgill). Just as he joins his childhood idol’s gang, enters the love of his life, Megha (Madalsa Sharma). Some eve teasing and a song later, we’re not sure if Megha hates Badal, as she claims in the film, or whether she’s mad at him, as she claims in the songs. But her father, Sharmaji (Shakti Kapoor), is definitely miffed and approaches Bachcha Babu to keep the eve-teasing Badal away from her. This is a bad move on Sharmaji’s part, as Bachcha Babu turns out to be an unknown devil to Badal’s known one, and has now has developed some serious hots for Megha. Nothing will stop him from marrying her; consent be damned! He beats Badal senseless, leaving him to die on the outskirts of the city and goes on preparing for his wedding. But Badal isn’t easy to kill as he returns from the dead. He crashes the wedding reception of Megha and Bachcha Babu, singing and dancing, and rescues the bride, courtesy a single stunt-jump and a wheelie. They both run away until they’re caught up at the film’s climax, which is supremely guessable.

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