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Alone in the Dark Story

Edward Carnby (Slater) is a detective who specializes in the occult & other paranormal subjects. He was apparently the subject of strange experiments when he was a child, leaving him with heightened abilities as well as a “sixth sense” that allows him to sense the paranormal. Throughout the film, we also learn that Carnby used to work for Bureau 713, a secret government organization that seeks to protect the world from paranormal dangers. In his spare time, Carnby investigates the disappearance of the Abkani, an ancient Mayan-like civilization that worshipped demonic creatures from another dimension. Central to the plot are several artifacts un-earthed in 1967 and now on display at the city’s Museum of Natural History, at which Carnby’s ex-girlfriend Aline (Reid) is the assistant curator. While working on a missing-child case, Carnby soon finds himself investigating the very scientist who conducted experiments on him as a child. He also finds himself working with Aline and former protégé (now rival) Commander Burke, his replacement at Bureau 713, to stop an invasion of the Alien-like demonic creatures who are pouring through a portal opened by the Abkani artifacts.

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