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Tiger Story

Tiger is the story of friendship, revenge and fight against drugs. Jant, Tota and Tull are 3 carefree youngsters who in order to make quick money, start smuggling drugs across the border for Bhaiya, a local gangster. One day, they are caught by the police and Jant is the one acquitted in jail whereas the other 2 were let go off by the police. 15 Years later, Jant (Sippy Gill) is all grown up and is out from jail. On coming out, he joins forces with another dealer called Angrej against Bhaiya and Dilbagh in order to finish their drug racket. Will Jant be able to stop the drug dealers? What happened to his family while he was in jail? Why is he called Tiger? Why is the film called ‘Tiger’? Review: Tiger is Sartaj Singh Pannu’s 1st Punjabi film after making Soch Lo and the National Award Winner ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’. Tiger also marks the return of Sippy Gill on big screen after 3 long years. He’s got a fan following of his own. Tiger is a pure action flick which we do not get to see very often in Punjabi Cinema and had the right amount of buzz. Let’s analyse weather the film had enough fizz in it as well or not! The story of the film has been written by the lead-actor Sippy Gill himself. Sippy’s story is something which is good and interesting but weak enough to not hold on for 136 minutes on screen. There were many moments which seemed as forceful insertions and most of the character’s did not have a proper sketch or background. They would appear and disappear at will. This is where Vishal Sethi’s screenplay also lacked meat and couldn’t provide the film enough gripping moments to sustain for 2+ hours. The screenplay was good in parts but what I felt was that the weak storyline outdid the screenplay. Dialogues were written by Surmeet Maavi and were good enough. Maavi writes some crisp dialogues for every film he writes and even this one had some of these. Sippy had a few punches, which surely would attract crowd to whistle and cheer. Good job at the dialogues. Coming to the direction, frankly speaking Sartaj Singh Pannu was the strongest point of this film. He has done a superb job an handled many crisp moments with ease. The vision and style of making used in this film holds promise of greater things to come in future from this man. Coming to the performances, the lead cast was the weakest out of all. Sippy Gill did an average job carrying that same expression throughout the film weather his mood was angry, sad, happy, romantic or whatever. If he can improve his acting, he sure has a fan following that will come to watch his films. Ihana Dhillon – What was she doing in the film? She got a good review fro me in Daddy Cool Munde Fool, but not here. She disappointed big time in this film. The role was good enough but she wasn’t convincing enough. She looked gorgeous, but that’s about it. Yashpal Sharma was good this time. Thank God! This is a kind of role that suits him and he performs best when he plays a gangster from UP/Bihar. Yograj Singh had a small role and did an average job. Sukhwinder Raj was good. Deedar Gill and Rahul Jungral as Sippy’s friends were pretty convincing. Gurinder Makna was good in a small role. Rest of the support cast did a good to average job. Music of Tiger is composed by Laddi Gill and it was a good score overall. Rabba by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is my favourite from the album and is a part of my routine these days. Other tracks like the Title Track, Feem Afghani, Yaar Mil Gaye were all likeable. Special Mention for the action master Mahinder Verma for pulling off some great action sequences. Overall, Tiger has its own share of moments. It has good dialogues, Strong action sequences, good direction and is a time pass watch but could’ve been way better had the story been stronger.

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