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Dil Aj Nachan Nuh – Gin & Rees ft. Jagdev

Following the incredible success of their debut single ‘Sanu Teh Changa’, producing duo ‘Gin & Rees’ are back with a huge Bhangra dance-floor filler for Christmas!

‘Dil Aj Nachan Nuh’ featuring the powerful voice of Jagdev celebrates the rhythms and Boliyan of Bhangra, set to a fast paced sound for hard core clubbers and is sure to be a Christmas hit.

Music: Gin & Rees
Singer: Jagdev
Lyrics: Yaad Badshahpuri
Music Released on RNC Records

Download Dil Aj Nachan Nuh on iTunes NOW – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dil-aj-nachan-nuh-feat.-jagdev/id583747277?i=583747334

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